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Godwin Heights Community Completes CERT Training

A dozen residents of the Godwin Heights Community recently completed Community Emergency Response Training. They started their training in late April and completed the course in late June. The group received training on basic first aid, the use of fire extinguishers, light rescue and many other topics. Their course was taught by Robert Ivey, Commander of Lumberton Rescue and EMS, a certified CERT instructor. This is the second CERT started in the City of Lumberton. The Godwin Heights community is in Precinct 3, which is represented by Councilman Burnis Wilkins, Jr. Councilman Wilkins has been an advocate for this type of training in his precinct, and attended each class as well. The course ended with a mock drill and practical exercises. LREMS Junior Rescue members acted in the role of victims. The Godwin Heights CERT will operate under the direction of Lumberton Rescue and EMS, and will serve as a valuable resource in times of man-made or natural disasters in community. LREMS wishes to congratulate a ll of the participants on a job well done. Thank you for your dedication to the community!